What Does an Effective Marketing Agency Look Like?

At Schatz marketing, we exist to solve the marketing challenges of our clients through creative ideation and conceptualization. Our scope covers experiential marketing (BTL), digital marketing and public relations.

We’ve collaborated with many partners. This has empowered us and enabled us to beat the competition through our evergreen ideas and concepts which we affordably share with our clients.

Effective marketing focuses on the customer and their needs. We use this concept to help our clients improve their RTM potential, widen their market share and grow their revenue by selling more.



What do results look like for us?

It is easy for anyone to blow their trumpet or pitch their services above the roof and still have nothing to show for it. We take a different approach. Our solutions only matter when they achieve our clients’ goals.

We work with client goals and develop realistic targets. Setting them high enough pushes us to outsmart ourselves. We then get down working and pitching our achievements against the targets to see how we fair. From the present data, 80% of our marketing work has resulted in more than 100% achievement rates, making for the phrase that ‘we are an effective marketing agency’.

Let us brand as you treasure.